21 April 2014

Cluster Singleton in Akka

In a highly-available application, it is occasionally necessary to have some processing performed in isolation within a cluster, whilst still allowing for processing to continue should the designated worker node fail. This is trivial with Akka clustering support for the Cluster Singleton pattern.

05 March 2014

TDD without Unit Tests

Many years ago I was walking through the office when I passed a colleague talking to our manager. I overheard him as he was putting forward the case for using Ruby - "The great thing about dynamic[ly typed] languages is that they force you to write tests", he said. Because our manager was already committed to the importance of high test coverage, the idea of putting natural pressure on developers to write tests was probably quite appealing.

25 January 2014

Publishing Scala libraries to Sonatype

You have a scala library that others might find useful. You build it with SBT and you want to publish it to an online repository so that others can use it in their projects. Wonderful!

This post explains the process of publishing your project artefacts to the Sonatype OSSRH (Open Source Software Repository Hosting) Service.